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What's the secret to getting great results from marketing?

Charles Southey


We're often asked what the secret is to getting great results from a marketing campaign. The truth is, there isn't a secret recipe 😬. That said you can follow a few simple steps that we've seen get great marketing results time and time again.



When was the last time you went to a market and the guy running the vegetable stall was sat quietly behind his tressel table hoping that people would buy his tomatoes? Never!

He's there shouting as loud as he can, charming and coaxing his customers to his vegetable stall.

You should ensure that all of your marketing makes a big noise so that your target audience takes notice and asks for more.

👍 You can't sell anything to anyone if they haven't noticed you!


Being that one of our specialist sectors is healthcare, we often choose to attend exhibitions attended by dentists, doctors and vets. Usually these exhibitions are a little less 'glamorous' than those in the consumer sector. 

A typical exhibition stand in this industry looks something like this:


Here's one of our recent stands:

IMG_0212-2.jpgYou've got to be unusual to stand out. If you stand out people will notice you. If people notice you they'll speak to you.

👍 You can only sell something to someone if you speak to them about it!



Have you ever looked up a product on Amazon only to then be presented with an advert for that product when you visit Facebook? Putting aside the ethical / Big Brother case this is an example of remarketing, an extremely effective, highly targeted form of advertising. Remarketing uses your web history to display relevant adverts that you're likely to react to.

Take a similar approach to any marketing you do. Think 'Is this promotion I'm doing going to resonate with the people I'm trying to reach?'. Don't faff around sending mass mailings in the hope that some people will buy your stuff. Instead, pick out the people that are more likely to buy your stuff based on information you've obtained from previous marketing activities.

👍 Remember, be relevant - don't try and sell underwear to nudists!


Now of course this list isn't exhaustive by any stretch. There's a million and one things you can do to get great results from marketing. But if you're going to start somewhere I'd say this is a good place to start.


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