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UH Creatives Arts Degree Show

Rory Macrae

The UH Creative Arts Show Guide

I popped over to the University of Hertfordshire with Charles last night to check out some local talent. It was the opening night of the School of Creative Arts degree show and we were invited to attend as ‘industry representatives’. Visiting degree shows is literally one of my favourite pastimes, and something that I don’t do enough of. I tend to come away from them feeling both inspired and depressed in equal measures. Inspiration for obvious reasons and the depression due to being surrounded by hoards of younger, better looking and more talented individuals!

The graphic design degree work was of most interest to me and there was plenty of amazing work on display. The course consisted of a series of set projects with different briefs. The project that I found most interesting was the ‘typeset-a-book’ brief. The books chosen were from a selection of classics, such as The Metamorphosis, The Great Gatsby and The Invisible Man. The students answers to the brief were incredibly creative if not sometimes slightly illegible (especially when it came to The Invisible Man!). It was the concepts that were important however. The book designs carefully complemented the themes of the stories and generally created a unique reading experience for that particular novel. They created an experience that is just not possible with Kindles and tablet computers, which make every reading experience exactly the same. The future of digital publishing is surely a more fine-grained ability to control of visuals and maybe even touch?

As well as graphic design there was amazing work from all courses including Product Design, Illustration and Model Making. I took a few photos of random pieces which I’ll post here shortly but in the mean time, go check out the show for yourself! The show runs until the 11th June.

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