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London Office - A New Chapter for Digital Results

My, haven't we grown?

Digital Results started back in early 2009 with nothing more than an idea which was to deliver effective digital marketing on behalf of SMEs. Our mantra was to deliver real world, tangible results hence the name 'Digital Results'.

Facebook Joins the Mobilegeddon Movement

When Google launched its 'Mobilegeddon' algorithm update in April 2015, previously high-ranking websites plummeted in rankings for not having mobile-friendly pages. The penalty for delaying optimisation just got stiffer with Facebook following suit to encourage lower bounce rates and raise conversions for advertisers.

Research: Mobile Websites are more effective than Mobile Apps

As mobile devices rapidly surpass desktop computers as the preferred method for online shopping, there is a distinct trend emerging amongst consumers for using a mobile web browser rather than a retailer's dedicated app to make a purchase.

The Modern Front-End Development Process

Your website is the biggest piece of branding your business will ever do. No doubt you’ve dealt with digital agencies, and you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘front-end’ being thrown around. But what does it actually mean?

The Future of Email Marketing

I was honoured to be invited to join la crème de la crème in UK email marketing at 'Future of Email Marketing 2015' which was hosted by our email service provider Campaign Monitor.

Our Extraordinary Exhibition Season Comes To A Close

Our specialist area is working with dental and healthcare companies and clinics on their internet marketing. It's a sector close to our hearts and we've worked for many years building up hundreds of great relationships in it. We're proud to have designed websites for many of the leading organisations in the dental and healthcare sectors. This year we decided to exhibit our services at two of the major events, Dentistry LIVE and FACE Conference. Coincidentally they were both hosted at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster, London.

UH Creatives Arts Degree Show

I popped over to the University of Hertfordshire with Charles last night to check out some local talent. It was the opening night of the School of Creative Arts degree show and we were invited to attend as ‘industry representatives’. Visiting degree shows is literally one of my favourite pastimes, and something that I don’t do enough of. I tend to come away from them feeling both inspired and depressed in equal measures. Inspiration for obvious reasons and the depression due to being surrounded by hoards of younger, better looking and more talented individuals!

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99U Conference Final Day Review

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Everybody was like "Where's Welwyn Garden City?" Hilarious!

Arriving at a civilised 9.30am at the Lincoln Center in bright sunshine was a great way to kick off the second and final day of the 99U Conference. I thought yesterday was action packed but I quickly realised that was nothing compared to today.

99U Conference Day 1 Review

Header: Scott Belsky opens up the 99U Conference 2013

Being a 99U Conference virgin, I didn't have any idea what to expect and the first day didn't disappoint. Having spent the morning rapid prototyping at IDEO, I arrived for registration and the halls were packed with people waiting to have their picture taken by photographer Dennis Kleiman