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3 Quick and Easy ways to get Sales Leads through your Website

Calls to Action

Each page of your website needs to have a purpose, ask the question why do you want the user to look at this page? What is it's purpose? What would be the ideal outcome of their visit? Do you want them to funnel through to another page? Subscribe to a newsletter? Sign up for additional content? Purchase a product etc etc.

Why Website Loading Speed can Hamper your SEO Efforts

So... Loading speed, we all know that if a web page is taking in excess of say 10 seconds to load and your internet connection is working ok most of the time you'll just hang up the request.

How to manage your website content

To run an effective website today, you must keep your visitors up to date with new content. An old fashioned static brochure site simply won't do in most industries. Fresh, dynamic content is not just great for search engine visibility, it also shows that you are a company that is doing things. It shows potential clients that you're a positive company that is growing and evolving.

5 reasons why your website is completely out-of-date

The web has changed steadily over the past couple of decades, but it is just in the last few years that it has undergone its most major transformation. Put simply, the smartphone and tablet epidemic has changed everything. What this means for business owners is that a website that looked great five years ago isn’t really effective anymore. This article is aimed at those people who are undecided as to whether they should invest in a new website. Hopefully the following five reasons will persuade you one way or the other.

Awesome Email Marketing Examples

We've sent hundreds of successful email marketing campaigns for our clients in 2013 and the trends are really interesting.

5 Things To Check Before Your Website Goes Live

Over the years we’ve put hundreds of websites live so we know (from experience!) all the important things to consider just before you press the 'Go Live!' button. Whilst our own checklist consists of pages and pages of items (yawn!), I thought I'd share an abridged version which should help you if you ever need to put a website live yourself.

What does the typography on your website say about your business?

Are you getting the most out of every single word on your website? Chances are, if the typography on your site has not been carefully considered, you’re not.

5 Tips For Effective B2B Social Media Marketing

Have you been charged with the task of managing social media marketing for your B2B organisation? If you're new to social media this will undoubtedly be a daunting task. Here are a few quick tips for you to consider to help you maximise the effect of your efforts.

Why Choosing the Right Web Hosting Is Crucial for Your Business

Choosing which web hosting to go for can be a daunting task and our new clients always ask us for our advice on this topic. With seemingly endless options out there it can feel impossible to know what to go for, so I’ve written this quick guide on web hosting for business websites which should help steer you toward making the right decision.

Getting started with email marketing - Part Two: How?

This is the second part of an article designed to provide an introduction to email marketing. Here I will quickly run through the things that you will actually need to begin sending email campaigns. To find out why you should consider email in the first place, please check out my first article: Getting started with email marketing - Part One: Why?

What's the best time of day to do social media?

If like me you're charged with the task of maintaining your business' social media activities, you'll more than likely have posed the question, "When is the best time of day to do social media?". By this I mean deciphering the perfect time to post a Tweet or Facebook update.

Getting started with email marketing - Part One: Why?

Have you considered email marketing as a means of generating business? You probably have. You may have even dabbled a little. But the fact that you’re reading this probably means that you’ve dismissed the humble email for one of the following reasons; too complicated, too time-consuming, too expensive, too spammy, too “no one even cares about email nowadays; all the cool kids are doing Facebook and Twitter now aren’t they?!”. Well you’re wrong.

Responsive Web Design - Mobile Websites Explained

It is estimated that over 60% of internet traffic in the UK (updated April 2015) is carried out with a mobile device or tablet and this is only going to increase for the foreseeable future. But you know this already. People own smartphones, quelle surprise!

Have you considered how well your website is set up for all these mobile users? Do you know what options are available when it comes to optimising your website for the mobile web?

Embrace new technologies to capitalise on the trends of today

I read an article recently that gave fascinating insight into how people are currently using the internet.

Improve ROI from email marketing using re-engagement

Is your current email marketing producing mediocre or unsatisfactory results? Do you feel like your campaigns could do with a new burst of life?

Simple steps to enhance your brand identity online

Having a strong, recognisable brand can be key to growing any business. Your brand affects how people perceive you, can add value and set a business apart from its competitors.

Visualisation: Europe's Tweeting

A techie at Twitter, Miguel Rios, has put together a pretty incredible new graphic showing volume and intensity of Twitter activity by area.