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Satisfy Search Engines with SEO Content

Charles Southey


SEO (search engine optimisation) should be the backbone of your content marketing strategy and is too often left as an afterthought, affecting the overall performance of your online presence.

When producing fresh content, you need to keep an eye on search engine activity. What are the current trends and what are the search engine's requirements? Once you have the answer, you have the tools to create a piece of content that not only appeals to your audience, but also appeals to the search engines.

Step up your strategy

Following Google’s news of significant changes regarding mobile-friendly search results businesses have taken to their phones in a frenzy to ensure they're mobile optimised. This news is a good example of how the world of SEO is constantly changing. You need to be willing to grab the SEO bull by the horns if there is any hope of you hanging on in the face of fierce competition!

If you are waiting for some form of inspiration to strike and kick-start your journey to SEO stardom, don’t be surprised when you find others miles ahead! You shouldn’t just be aware of competition- you should BE the competition.

Search engines have a bottomless appetite for high calibre, fresh content but they don't react well to outdated content. If you haven’t already, dedicate some time to clear out or update your old content that is no longer relevant. Keeping outdated content on your website will reduce the impact of your new content. Once you've done this, make sure you then link the deleted pages back to a replacement to avoid lots of dead page links (leaving these will score against you).

SEO is neither a sprint nor a marathon

SEO should be a long-term investment and should be a feature in every marketing plan. SEO can benefit your business in the short, medium and long term so long as you adopt the right techniques. It can seem daunting starting an SEO campaign - what are the chances you’ll get noticed? The reality is, SEO is as accessible as it is scary. Current leaders amidst your competition are excelling because they're investing in SEO. What’s stopping you?

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