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4 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates on a Website and Generate Leads

Charles Southey

Generate more leads on your website through these 4 handy tips

Setting yourself the task to improve conversion rates on your website is a sure-fire way to generate more leads from your website. It goes without saying that the number of visitors to your website will always exceed the number of leads generated.

Let’s say 1,000 people visit your website and your conversion rate is 1% - you’ve generated 10 leads. Conversion rate optimisation is the process by which you look at ways to improve that 1%. If you could increase is by just 1% extra, what would the value of 10 extra leads be to your business?

The science of conversion rate optimisation is always applicable to a website (unless your total number of visitors = total number of leads – i.e. a conversion rate of 100%. If you have achieved this don’t bother reading the rest of this article but please do let me know the secret!!).

We’re going to focus on 4 ways to improve conversion rates on a website:

  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • CTA Positioning
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms

What’s your Call To Action?

Are you making sure that your visitors are being convinced to take an action as a result of visiting your website? This process can be triggered through the use of an effective Call to Action (CTA).

Your CTAs should be prominently placed and ideally positioned above the fold (Content visible without the need to scroll is considered above the fold. Content visible after scrolling is beneath the fold). The idea is to place the CTA in clear line of sight for your visitors so that they know how and where they should take the next step.

CTAs are pivotal for lead generation but it’s important you get them right to maximize your conversion rate.

Quick tips on CTAs:

  • Go big and bold – The CTA can be larger and bolder than most of the other elements on the page so that they stand out. Warning – be careful not to over-egg this point!
  • Make the CTA attractive – Your CTA can be in lots of formats (e.g. a button, a link or an image) but make sure they look appealing so that people want to click them. Firstly, think about colours. Secondly, use words that offer value (e.g. “Get this eBook” or “Subscribe to weekly tips”) rather than mundane words synonymous with the 00s like “Contact us” – yawn!
  • Make the CTA seem clickable. Help people see that your CTA is in fact a CTA. Using buttons is a great way of making your CTA look clickable. Add hover effects for extra credit!

CTA Positioning

Once you’ve perfected your CTAs it’s time to think about where you’re going to put them. You need to make sure people can find them! Don’t just throw them in all over the place – you need to think carefully about positioning to maximise conversions.

We recommend the following approach:

  • Pick the right CTA for the right page – Place ‘top of the funnel’ CTAs like ‘Download this whitepaper’ on pages like the homepage and other top-level pages. Put ‘middle of the funnel’ CTAs like ‘Request a quote’ on more specific pages like a product page once the person is finding out more detail about your offering
  • Position CTAs above AND below the fold – Above the fold positioning is vital for CTAs as this is where most of the eye time is focused. That said it’s important to also add CTAs further down the page too so that it’s just as easy for people to take the next action


Landing pages

After placing your incredible CTAs in the most attractive positions on your website, you need to think about where your prospects end up after clicking one of the links. We call the resulting page a landing page (some people call them lead capture pages).

A landing page acts as a platform to convert visitors into leads. We suggest that landing pages consist of the following items:

  • Title (can include optional subtitle)
  • Quick description of the offer / CTA
  • An image (minimum of one but can be more)
  • Option extras can include content such as testimonials
  • A form to capture customer information (this is the most important part of the landing page)

The great thing about landing pages is they are distraction-free. Often with website pages you will struggle to focus on a single message and CTA. Landing pages are simple but effective and are extremely good at converting visitors into leads. If you can nail your landing pages you’ll see an upshot in conversion rates for sure.


The success of a landing page relies largely upon the strength of the form that you choose to place there. Effective forms are absolutely vital in maximising conversion rates from web pages.

Forms can be used in a variety of ways (subscribe to a newsletter, download an eBook, etc.) but the end goal is always the same – to capture the details of your prospect.

Don’t ask for too many bits of information about your prospect in your forms, particularly if you are at the ‘top of the funnel’. Your prospects will be reluctant to enter lots of details at this stage. Instead opt for the most important 2 or 3 fields (e.g. First name, Surname and Email Address). The easier it is for your prospect to complete the higher the conversion rate will be.

If you are further down the funnel with a prospect you can start to add a few more fields to your forms to help you paint a better picture of the person.


A final word

Lastly, I must stress the importance of testing when trying to improve conversion rates on a website. There is no exact science and the best results can only be achieved after rigorous testing. Test, test and test again. Never stop testing!

The above tips are what we would consider to be ‘best practice’ but every business is unique so give them a try, see how you get on and let us know your feedback!

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