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How to use social media to generate great B2B leads

Matt Holman


There's nothing quite like social media, it is brilliant. We can choose exactly what we hear, and who we hear it from; brands, influencers, blogs or your favourite news source. It’s also a huge opportunity to generate targeted leads and elevate your brand, but not enough businesses take advantage of it.

It’s nice to have an active following and people talking about you, but what you really want is a constant flow of targeted leads that’ll fuel your growth - without lifting a finger.

🎯 Take the time to target

If you try to target everyone on social media you won’t actually target anyone.

Too many social strategies involve constantly reaching out to new people, in the hope that 2 or 3 people may eventually show an interest. This is almost always a colossal waste of time.

A far more effective method is to actually only target the people who actively talk about topics related to your products - rather than chancing your arm at anyone and everyone.

Start targeting existing Facebook Groups, find Twitter lists, and seek out online forums where your industry is already the topic of conversation.

📚 Give prospects a reason to follow

People are selective with who they follow, they don’t want floods of irrelevant posts, they’re seeking value - so you’ve got to offer them that.

Providing rich content will not only give prospects a reason to follow you but makes your brand an authoritative figure within your market.

eBooks, quality articles, videos, and infographics are all shareable mediums that can deliver conversions. Use Twitter and Facebook to promote that content to get shares and engage with prospects.

Consistently sharing high-quality content is essential to lead generation. Writing high-quality content takes time, so selecting a smattering of articles other people of published and sharing those will provide value and alleviate the pressure to write great stuff.

There’s no shortage of tools to help you publish, curate and create content. Here are a few (free!) tools we recommend:


🕵🏼 Get to know your leads

It’s just as important to find out information about your leads as it is to generate them.

By uncovering what they need, their interests and their goals, you can get a good idea of what their ideal solution would be. However, you can’t simply get this insight from reading an email address. Social media does allow you to get this kind of vital information that can help you better craft your content and marketing strategy.

We use HubSpot’s contacts tool to fill in the blanks about our leads. It grabs social media information automatically, along with company details of a lead, when someone converts. You can also use tools such as LeadIn to get these kinds of insights.

🏅 Spot what's working

Data without analysis is literally just a bunch of numbers.

You need to know what leads do once they’ve converted, so you can get a picture of what your best leads look like for the future. You may also get an idea of what hasn’t worked well, and see which social channels work best for your business.

We use Google Analytics to find out the behaviour flows of traffic, and HubSpot to track the pages every lead is viewing.

📨 Reach out

With that background research you’ve found and the help of your content that has nurtured leads, you’ll be ready to reach out and start the sales process.

It doesn’t matter whether you use social media, email, or an old fashioned telephone call to reach out, as you’ll be perfectly positioned to impart your expertise and solve the problems prospects are facing.


This framework will help you start turning unknown social media accounts into delighted customers. This process doesn’t stop here though.

Your delighted customers can become advocates of your brand on social media, earning you recommendations throughout online communities and networks - organically growing your marketing and your business.

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