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How much do you know about your website visitors?

Matt Holman

Untracked visitors are much like shadows

Technology has not just changed the way buyers make their purchasing decisions, it now is the way people make those decisions. A mere 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research before making that final purchasing decision.

For marketers, this means more emphasis than ever is on us to enable sales growth. But this rapidly changing marketing landscape doesn’t just pose opportunities; online marketing comes fraught with challenges. Challenge one: who’s visiting your website?

Reveal your visitors

The anonymity of the Internet leaves us wondering exactly who is visiting our website. Although we can - and do - equip ourselves with powerful analytics software (like Google Analytics), these only provide 2D statistics about your web traffic. We have to make assumptions about the quality of traffic based on other, quite easily dismissable stats like dwell times and bounce rates. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Amazon do it, Facebook do it and Netflix do it. “It” is user tracking. A powerful tool which can be enabled on almost any website which means the pages visitors review are tracked through browser cookies. From this data, we can see the journeys people (not visitors!) take, even across multiple viewing sessions, and reveal the journeys that your leads take.

63% of businesses don’t have the right tools in place to capture quality data online. There’s no reason why you can’t, either. Some of the following tools come with free trials, require minimal set-up and will likely work with your existing website:


You need to be able to capture better data to reveal your visitors. But if your only data collection tool is a ‘contact us’ form or a ‘buy now’ button, then you’re only going to reveal sales-ready customers. With the right tool in place, content can then drive better quality leads at all stages of the buying process.


Keep relevant

If content is king, relevance is also royalty. Your website isn’t an old leaflet left lingering on a coffee table for far too long, it has the capability — and should be — far more engaging than that. This doesn’t mean overhauling your website every 6 months is essential, but keeping it fresh with relevant content is.

Not only is fresh content influential in search engine rankings but it directly increases the quality of your website visitors. Being seen for the right keyword searches is a fundamental part of raising the standard of traffic and brand awareness. You can also use gated content offerings to capture valuable data that helps qualify leads.

Website contacts can then be nurtured through customised content. Customised, or SMART, content allows you to display targeted messages on your website pages, call-to-actions and content. Ultimately, these can drive more conversions when you have the best suited message for the lead.


Do more of what's working

Enabling tracking on your website can give you clear indications of what channels and tactics are working best. This allows busy marketing managers to focus on refining what’s working, rather than reinventing the wheel to try untested channels and tactics.

The goal of your website should be to use it as marketing funnel that, when optimised, attracts quality, aligned visitors and converts them into high-calibre qualified leads, ready to pass onto sales or nurture through to purchase.


In this digital age, it’s vital that you can get more insight into your website visitors than just web traffic numbers. Data driven websites are the most effective at generating the calibre of leads that are desired, not just anyone that visits the website. Using the latest tools to identify your visitors is the starting point to making digital pay dividends.

All you need to do to get started is to get some lead tracking software installed on your website. From there you can begin to make your marketing efforts more intelligent and optimised for success.

If you need help improving lead generation on your website, or even just to get more clarity on your website visitors, then get in touch. You don’t necessarily need an overhaul to make your website start performing!


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