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Email Marketing - 3 Simple Steps to Make it Pay Dividends

Charles Southey

3 quick methods to improve your ROI from email marketing

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Charles: Here at Digital Results we do a LOT of email marketing for our clients. You probably already know that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. I’m not here to drop a bombshell - email marketing is awesome. As long as you've got a great looking email design, a good list of contacts and a compelling offer you're bound to do really, really well.

Rory: When I’m designing emails I’m generally thinking ‘How can I make this shorter?’. It can be easy to write hundreds words on a topic but people don't have time to read that. Strip the content right back to the bare essentials. Make sure the design is eye-catching and whatever you do don’t forget the call to action. Make sure people know what to do next. This is vital!!

Charles: The next thing that leads to success with email marketing is a really good list of contacts. Try and avoid buying email data if you can help it. Instead, try and build up your list organically with people that know you.

So you’ve hooked your prospect with a great looking email. The next thing you need to do is show them a compelling offer. Help your contact take the next step like clicking a button. This email is the first step of the sales process and by making it easy for your contact to take that next step they’re that much closer to becoming a sale.

So that’s it. Thanks for watching this quick introduction to how email marketing can transform your sales. I hope it has given you some ideas. If it has, do get in touch with us here at Digital Results - we’d love to hear from you.

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