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99U Conference Final Day Review

Charles Southey

99U Conference Delegate Badge

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Everybody was like "Where's Welwyn Garden City?" Hilarious!

Arriving at a civilised 9.30am at the Lincoln Center in bright sunshine was a great way to kick off the second and final day of the 99U Conference. I thought yesterday was action packed but I quickly realised that was nothing compared to today. My 'nuggets' list is more like a short story of powerful life lessons that everyone, designer or not, can benefit from paying attention to.

I was lucky enough to talk briefly with a number of inspirational people like Scott Belsky, Matias Corea, Heather Payne and AJ Jacobs. I also spotted a respite in the queue and managed to get myself a new profile picture taken by the talented photographer, Dennis Kleiman.


99U Conference 2013 Lineup The awesome lineup of speakers at the 99U Conference 2013

We were treated to a packed schedule of fascinating speakers and I was genuinely upset that the end of the conference had arrived so soon. Fortunately there was a finale organised–an after party at MoMA. This was a fitting end to a fantastic couple of days.


 After party at MoMA

The guys at 99U and Behance do an amazing and inspirational job. It was a real treat to be involved and I have left with a refreshed and more positive mindset, which I'm looking forward to reaping the rewards from. Thanks 99U.

Nuggets of brilliance

Scott Belsky

To be done is to die.

Nikhil Arora

The more you give, the more you get back.

Leah Busque

Tell people about your ideas.

Ask people "Is there someone else you think I should meet?"

Have big goals and make small actionable steps.

Just ship it!

Joshua Davis

Never stop learning. You're never as good as you can be.

AJ Jacobs

Fake it until you make it.

Sometimes, to make miracles happen, you just have to jump in.

Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh

The beauty of a product lies in the work it took to get there, not in the end product itself.

Heather Payne

Commit publicly to a timeline

Hosain Rahman

To gain a shared vision and sense of purpose ask "Why are we doing what we do?"

Ramit Sethi

People don't want core strength, they want a six pack. Give people what they need but sell them what they want.

Josh Reich

Brand is culture

Michael Wolff

What's your raison d'être?

Be curious and question everything.

The brands that resonate with people are the ones that make them feel something. People remember how you made them feel.

Sebastian Thrun

Failures are great opportunities to learn something new, so celebrate them.

Don't argue about it, just do it.


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