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99U Conference Day 1 Review

Charles Southey

99U Conference - Day 1 - Scott Belsky

Header: Scott Belsky opens up the 99U Conference 2013

Being a 99U Conference virgin, I didn't have any idea what to expect and the first day didn't disappoint. Having spent the morning rapid prototyping at IDEO, I arrived for registration and the halls were packed with people waiting to have their picture taken by photographer Dennis Kleiman (I couldn't face the excessively long queue so I decided to move on!).


The queue for creative headshots!
People queuing for their creative headshots

Soon after this I spotted two friendly-looking guys and introduced myself. It wasn't until a couple of minutes into the conversation that I discovered one of them was Garrett Camp, founding CEO of StumbleUpon. This was the first of a number of great connections I made today–nice to meet you all!

Tomorrow looks set to be another action packed schedule of inspirational talks. I can't wait!

Nuggets of brilliance

Josh Rubin

There are no new ideas, just good execution.

Matias Corea

Design makes content shine.

Brené Brown

Don't die thinking "What if I'd stood up?"

Heidi Grant Halvorson

Don't visualise success. Visualise the steps you will take to make success happen.

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