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12 New Tools for Analysing Your Online Marketing

Matt Holman


Tracking your online marketing efforts should be a walk in the park. Technology should do all the hard graft - shouldn’t it? Especially given that powerful analytics tools — like Google Analytics — are freely available. In reality, getting a comprehensive picture of performance isn’t easy without sinking precious hours into a spreadsheet.

It’s also far too easy to drown in data in this digital age. Comprehending your performance when you’re using multiple channels, tactics and approaches can be extremely time consuming. Luckily, however, new tools that give you clear indications of marketing performance are always launching.

Here are 12 of the newest tools that will let you analyse your online marketing, without the need to slave away at an excel document:

Social media analysis tools

There’s no shortage of social media analysis tools available. Some of the best are provided by social networks themselves; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and now Instagram all have their own dashboards.

These are great for daily and weekly analysis, but not so much for spotting long-term trends. Facebook and LinkedIn even delete some key metrics after 28 days, so you need to have tools in place unless you review social media on a daily basis.

1. Waaffle


For Twitter and Instagram, Waaffle is the scrumptiously named tool that allows you to quickly bite into your social media key performance indicators by campaign. Reporting features allow you to monitor activity, review performance and even compare your efforts against competitors.

Price: $9 per campaign, per month

2. RevealBot

revealbot.jpgPaid social media tactics have a much more limited pool of choice for reporting tools. Facebook Ads Manager provides good insights, but manual reporting on a regular basis is necessary to keep on top of it.

Revealbot notifies you of status changes, gives you performance indicators and graphs via messaging platform Slack. You can automate bid strategies, get alerted to changes in status and review performance directly from the messaging client.

Price: starting at $10 per month. Automation requires a Pro plan, starting at $99 per month.

3. Snapylytics


Snapchat was something of an elephant in the room. But now, even in smaller businesses, marketing managers are braving up to it. Snapchat’s business model is based around attracting multi-million pound campaigns, but it’s become a popular tool for influencer marketing.

Snapylytics is one of the few platforms offering insights into Snapchat performance. It allows users to review the performance of your influencers ‘snaps’ via open rates, completion rates and estimated reach, which aren’t accessible through the Snapchat app itself.

Price: $180 per account, per month for the Standard plan


Search engine optimisation (SEO) tools

Tracking where you are ranking for your most vital keywords isn’t possible via Google Analytics, and tracking performance against competitors is difficult - particularly when ranking results vary with every search. Here are some of the best new tools for tracking, reviewing and improve your SEO efforts:

4. Moz Pro

moz-pro.pngMoz Pro has become the resource for tracking and improve SEO. Their repertoire of tools includes the new Keyword Explorer, which allows you to spot and exploit opportunities to rank for popular keywords.

Pro members gain access to the entire Moz toolkit including on-page SEO optimisation, new ranking opportunities and SEO recommendations. All of your efforts are tracked (for global and local searches) and you can quickly export reports.

Price: from $79 per month

5. RankScanner

rankscanner.pngRankScanner is a simple-to-use tracking tool for your search engine rankings. You can input, review and track up to 30 keywords for free (if you refer a couple of friends!), allowing you to get a detailed picture of trends. The alternative is manually recording your rank every week and putting them in a spreadsheet, so it’s really a no-lose bit of kit.

Price: Free for up to 30 keywords, paid plans start at €9 per month

6. Google Trends

google-trends.pngAlthough, strictly speaking, it’s not an analytics tool for your marketing efforts, Google Trends can be used to get some additional insight into your online marketing.

The website allows you to review search volumes for short-tail keywords, so you can review what’s hot - and what’s not. For example, you could see if your campaign has made any impact on people looking for solutions to the problem you’re drawing awareness too.

Price: Free

7. SEMRush


SEMRush has some freely accessible tools which can help in a one-off audit or a quick SEO overview. The paid version allows you to continually identify keywords that your website is ranking for, with the search positions for each of those keywords.

You can also review your competitors to get some benchmarks for future performance.

Price: free for 10 requests, Pro accounts start at $99 per month


Conversion optimisation tools

If your campaigns are launching with just sales targets, then you won’t actually be able to diagnose where you can optimise them in future. You need to be measuring conversions, too. Depending on the structure of your website, a conversion can mean different things, from buying something or signing up to a newsletter. In exchange for these, you capture data which helps you identify high-quality leads.

8. HubSpot COS

refresh-dashboard-marketing-performance.pngAs an all-in-one tool, HubSpot’s content optimisation system is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing tools available. You can analyse each page on your website and optimise for performance. You can review which web pages are assisting conversions and sales, and identify pages which are most influential in their buying decision. You can also track how individual contacts interact with your website, and optimise areas which are making them ‘drop-off’.

HubSpot’s COS allows you to truly hone in on where conversions are being gained and lost, which can help you create a self-serving funnel of leads.

Price: Free as a WordPress plugin. Plans start at £140 per month for the ‘basic’ package.

9. Hotjarhotjar-heatmap.jpg


Hotjar allows you to review heatmaps of clicks, scrolling indicators and records of website journeys for you to review. This can highlight sticking points, even as detailed as specific fields in forms, that are preventing visitors from converting or buying.

Price: from €89 per month for up to 20,000 visits


Automated reporting tools

There are even new tools that can fully automate functions you need to analyse your online marketing position. These can be costly, but if a solution provides you with the insights and value you need, they can be a good option.

 10. RavenTools


RavenTools essentially compiles the data provided by Google Analytics, AdWords, Twitter, Facebook etc. into easy reports that automatically compile at a time interval of your choosing.

These tools provide snapshot overviews of performance, so the soft analysis is still left to the marketing manager.

Price: $99 per month for the Pro Platform

11. HubSpot Analytics + Reporting Add-On



The HubSpot Reporting add on allows you to schedule automatic reports to yourself, your team or even your superiors with the KPIs that matter most to them. For instance, you can share the number of qualified leads generated via your website with your boss; the pieces of content that have assisted the most conversions with your team and overall trends for yourself.

When combined with other elements of a HubSpot portal, the reporting addon can be a valuable tool to steer your strategy and help optimise your own, your team and your website’s performance.

Price: £140 per month, as an add-on to existing, paid HubSpot portal

12. PostReach


For content marketing, PostReach allows you to review the total reach, pageviews and number of shares that your content has received. It aggregates Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook interactions to give you an at-a-glance overview of how content is being received by your target audience.

Price: starting at $10 per month


Selecting the right tools for the job

Analysing your digital marketing efforts can be a challenge, even if you aren’t trying to keep on top of it all via a spreadsheet. Over 60% of the average marketing manager’s time is spent on digital, therefore measuring and tracking performance is essential - both to justifying your own performance and your teams.

There’s nothing stopping you trying these tools yourself, many of which offer free trials for the first 7/14/30 days. If you’re still finding it difficult to gauge how you’re doing, need some advice and a clear direction, you can always ask us for some advice.

Let us know how you get on!



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